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About Us

15 Years of Experience

Through our wide experience since 2000 our expert staff have  got the know  how to  provide our valued customers and business  partners with the  best special made fabrics  to serve the hospitality industry with all its requirements and needs in the field of uniforms, bedding, towels and Table Cloth.

Why Choose Watheer ?

Our fabric is a very pure type of cotton fabric that is used for different types of work-wear, uniform and corporate clothing.

This kind of work-wear fabric provides an optimum cotton proportion that guarantees excellent strength properties and good hygienic characteristics. Special final finishes and good quality of the dye stuff allow us to achieve high grade of color-fastness, high temperature of washing and low percentage of shrinkage. These fabrics almost do not lose shape, don’t crease, have a very small shrinkage index and good color fastness, they wash easily and show very good breathable, hygroscopic and durable properties.

Economic fabrics made from recycled cotton save our planet natural resources and make it cleaner. Also these fabrics allow manufacturing of cost-effective garment with low price.

Fabrics of Protect series have high durability and dimensional stability to washing. They can withstand repeated washings without any loss of properties.

Our fabrics are made from the Egyptian cotton. These are specially developed fabrics for taking care of nature.

We have the ability to understand what the customer wants and achieve his dreams

The Best Quality in the Market

Our logistics department consistently takes the recent methodology in R&D to provide us with the fine thread to specially produce most of our fabrics with our special formulas for dying and preparation and  treated against the  defects of sun, sweat, shrinkage, color fading, and when required (if any) against flame, and/or  grease  to enable us  to provide our customers  with  one year  warranty against manufacturing defects.

Unique Designs

Our Design Department is always ready to support our valued clients with all the assistance to set their direction according to their concepts, themes and color scheme.